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Australian Air Express offer 3 different services, off peak, next available flight and overnight delivery.
UPS offer UPS Express service.
TNT is one of Australia’s largest couriers, and offers a large number of services.
Hunter Express offers Road Express as its main service for domestic Australia.


FEDEX One of the larger carriers in the International courier services, FEDEX offers both International Economy Express and International Priority courier services operating out of Australia to many other countries.

The legal rights of a courier company

Most of the professional courier companies have a strict code of discipline about what items are legitimate and what are illegitimate goods. These are legal or sometimes a specific right of the courier firm. The rights of courier companies Australia says that they are clearly not the casual carriers on the whim of a customer, despite the customer being king. The items allowed to be sent will be contained within the terms and conditions. A company shall be held solely responsible after accepting the goods only after a meaningful and disciplined analysis of the goods. The company holds the right to reject and right for selectivity in what it carries. A company reserves the right to refuse at its sole discretion regardless of customers questions if they find them against their company`s normal carrier regulations, for instance, packing a dangerous item by hiding inside something else. These sorts of activities are purely illegitimate and punishable by law. In most instances, they distribute a pamphlet or their website clearly displays the disclaimer, regulations and limitations of their services. Check out your requirements using Deliver My Package now!

List of goods considered by courier companies

  • A courier firm works on the principle that customer is king, but the company shall determine on an authoritative basis of what are legitimate goods and what are known as illegitimate goods.
  • There is strictly no opportunity to carry, transport or shift dangerous goods, like selected noxious, dangerous, hazardous, highly explosive chemicals and potently irritants, radioactive elements, inflammable weapon that could cause damage or injury to other goods, persons, plants or animals or to anything including that in which the goods are carried, handled or stored.
  • Australian courier companies clearly define what constitutes goods that need insurance or are too expensive for couriers to carry, such as valuables, jewellery, diamonds, delicate items that could easily break like glass items, and partly packed goods are not insured by the insurance company. Some fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat are also not a choice for companies.

Courier Company Australia Customer Warrants?

Not every company is a warrantor of the goods because the customer is the real owner of the goods or who has the authority of the owner or person having an interest in the goods who can sign a company’s letter of instruction or other contractual document. A real owner has the accuracy of all markings, limits and brandings of the goods, as well as a detailed picture or description of goods, their value and other particulars furnished to the company during carriage. Deliver My Package helps you find cheap courier companies in Australia. The tool is easy to use and it will provide every bit of information regarding courier services. A cheap courier company will save you money.